Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[JAPAN 2012] ホスト見・Host-looking pt. 2

warning: this is a very long, but hopefully entertaining entry!

So, this is going to be different from what you probably expect.

I might just as well put the cards on the table.
We never got to a host club.

I know.
Shame on us.

 These are our faces of "why are there no hosts when we wanna go"-ness.

Because we did wanna go. Problem was, that our friend (the "I quit"-guy), whom we ended up talking to a lot more and even figured out was called Tsubasa either kept not being around or just.. suddenly disappearing for the rest of the night whenever we decided we wanted to go.

And the very last night we had no money. Whatsoever.

 Hence, no hostclub for us. My sincere apologies!


I'm not completely out of stories.
We did get something out of staring at more-or-less pretty people all day.

(actually, there was this one guy that was so ridiculously unattractive that we seriously thought he had been placed there to make the others look hotter. I'm not even kidding you.)

here goes!

While we were spending our lovely free time on our favorite fence next to the big-headed cat-man (an old, really nice guy wearing a cat-costume trying to make people enter the girl's bar there), we, as said earlier, got hit on quite a few times. 

But one time, a big group of men looking to be between 18 and 30 years old came out. They were more or less drunk, and came up to us talking in English, but as I replied in Japanese they were like "..........what???" and kept talking in half-English, half-Japanese.
Eventually, they invited us to go bowling with them.
And we were like
"why not".

I mean. Look at these shoes. 
These are Japanese bowling shoes.
I think they alone are a pretty good reason to go. 

So, we went with this group of strange, drunk men that we did not know whatsoever who brought us to some weird little bowling hall. Oh yeah, and it was in the middle of the night.

responsibility, what are you?

Did I mention, that half of them were bleached blonde or just bald and tattooed all over?

I present to you, the only Japanese people who are expected to have tattoos:


and we knew that. and we were like


So we ended up spending all night - because yes, our curfew of 2am passed by, so we had to stay until 7am - bowling with a bunch of strange men until our arms died and we just sat cheering them on.

I tell you, they were quite a curious group.

One of them was, admittably, rather good-looking, but really seemed to have some weird fetish of touching his tummy. all. the. time.

An other one was pretty drunk, but the only one able to speak English. He also turned out to have two completely different names, and we still have no idea why.
As far as I'm concerned, Japanese people have no middle names.... so...... what?
(if you read this... ... ..... what?)

A third, around 30 years old, turned out to be the boss, and he didn't speak English, but had an awesome pronounciation of the little he did know, and when we taught him how to say "you're good" in Danish, he kept running around to everyone, giving them thumbs up and say "YOU'RE GOOD!!" very enthusiastically. It was hilarious.

Eventually, around 4.30am, they made the craziest bet I have ever witnessed.

They seperated themselves into two teams - the young (19~21) and the old (21~30) - and bet that the loser would have to pay the winner around 1000 yen for every point the other team won by.
(well, I'm not quite sure that was the exact bet, but something along those lines)

The "old" team ended up winning by .... a lot.
We're talking, they ended up receiving  like 50.000 yen or more. It's like... $600 dollars. 

(I repeat,

or more. )

and the young ones just gathered the money and handed them over.

I wanna bowl with them again sometime and I wanna be on the winning team. 
I wouldn't need to work again. ever.

At least it got evened out somewhat when we got invited to eat sushi for breakfast. And not just random, cheapskate sushi.
The sushi on this picture. Delicious sushi.

Expensive sushi.
yes, i know i put this picture in an entry earlier, but who doesn't wanna look at good sushi? 
That's what I thought.  

We got 'em.

That's about it for our host-watching adventure.
If you stuck around to reading this far, thank you. I hope I managed to entertain you.
I shall now return to paying attention to class.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm back in Denmark + airport fashion

Hi guys( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Did you have a good summer? 

Maybe some of you are still on break, or still calling it "summer", but as soon as school begins, I stop thinking of it as being summer!

View out my window tonight... pretty, but... not Tokyo ―(T_T)→

I got back from Japan Thursday night. Was supposed to have gone to school on Friday, but seeing as we didn't get back and to bed until 3am, my mom actually told me to stay at home, haha. (ヾ(´・ω・`)
Which means I still have a 100% absence this year. w00t.

School beings tomorrow, though only lessons from 11am to 2pm, and those being easy ones, so I guess I'll make it through. Now I just have to survive my being bummed about being back. I always go crybaby all the time whenever I get back from travelling places. It's pretty annoying OTL 

Being back means I now will begin telling you about what I've been doing all summer(*^▽^)/
So, I hope I can entertain you somehow, haha, because I know I had a really amazing summer, and I'm already doing my best to go back soon - going to start applying for jobs tomorrow, so cross your fingers for me!

  Lastly........................... Airport fashion!
I got extensions done in Tokyo! Do you like them? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm so sorry! (two weeks break)

Hi guys!

First I wanna say thank you for my new followers
I get so excited every time I receive a new follower, thank you so much! 

But (x_x) Unfortunately I wont be able to make any blog-posts before I'm back home around August 17 or 18. For one, I still can't connect my phone to any internet, which means I can't load any pictures, and I have really limited access to internet in the first place.

But I promise you I have a lot to tell when I get the time - I'm now in Gifu near Nagoya, after half a week in Osaka and one and a half week in Okinawa. I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow, and I'll be seeing a lot of people and going to the Gaijin Gyaru meet in Shibuya on August 14. I hope to make some friends there, if I have the guts to talk to anyone... OTL 

Anyhow, sorry for yet another boring update, but thank you so much for sticking around. Just have patience for another two weeks! 
Around that time I'll also update the blog with a new design my sweetheart from has been a doll and designed for me, so keep an eye out for it!! 

Thank you!

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