Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm so sorry! (two weeks break)

Hi guys!

First I wanna say thank you for my new followers
I get so excited every time I receive a new follower, thank you so much! 

But (x_x) Unfortunately I wont be able to make any blog-posts before I'm back home around August 17 or 18. For one, I still can't connect my phone to any internet, which means I can't load any pictures, and I have really limited access to internet in the first place.

But I promise you I have a lot to tell when I get the time - I'm now in Gifu near Nagoya, after half a week in Osaka and one and a half week in Okinawa. I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow, and I'll be seeing a lot of people and going to the Gaijin Gyaru meet in Shibuya on August 14. I hope to make some friends there, if I have the guts to talk to anyone... OTL 

Anyhow, sorry for yet another boring update, but thank you so much for sticking around. Just have patience for another two weeks! 
Around that time I'll also update the blog with a new design my sweetheart from has been a doll and designed for me, so keep an eye out for it!! 

Thank you!

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