Tuesday, September 4, 2012

+50 followers!! + Allergy?!

Hey guys!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

How are you doing?
I hope you enjoyed my last blog post about my reckless crazy adventure in Tokyo.

I reached 50+ followers!!
Thank you!! 

I'm wondering if I should hold a small giveaway as a thank you, but does it seem desperate to do it already at 50 followers? ahahaha ;;; 

 I'm so happy

In other news,

I seem to have gotten slightly allergic to eyelash glue..
I don't know what to do! It feels as if I've gotten allergic to my face OTL
Whenever I wear fake lashes, my eyes get itchy and swollen. I look pretty scary. 
I don't have pictures, because...... Well... Just imagine, big, poofy, red and (=n=)-face and there you have it. That'd be my face.
I'm seriously hoping it's not allergy, but irritation due to overuse. I have been wearing lashes for +15 hours everyday for almost two months, so it could be, right?

Well... No matter what, it means I'll have to take a break from wearing falsies for a while, which makes me feel rather... urhm... different.
You know, once you get used to looking a certain way, if that changes, you just feel like you look like a potato.
That's me at the moment.
 A falsie-less potato. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your eyelash glue allergy but congrats on 50+ followers! o-(^-^)-o

  2. D'aaw poor girl <3 You know what? I know how much you love your falsies <3 So I wondered if you've considered getting lash-extensions? :3 Try and look it up @Youtube and/or Google!
    The youtube Secretsofabionerd (I think) has a review of them. SHE'S SO PRETTY

    - Good luck dear <3
    (I wouldn't mind a giveaway ;D)

  3. Oh, and I just tagged you in my new post for the Liebster Award! I nominated you, here's a link to the post:


  4. Hey!
    I just tagged you in my blog for the "Liebster Award". Please check it out~ Here's the link: http://sutewi.blogspot.com/2012/09/liebster-award.html


  5. just stumbled across your blog :3

    I had nearly the same problems with lash glue last year. I changed the glue and now everythings fine. I don't know what glue you use. But the one I had problems with was from artdeco and white and thick. I think it was glue on latex base or something like this. Now I use one from Misslyn and this works really good. It's not so thick, also white but has a shimmer (?) in it. Perhaps a change of glue also helps you with your problem :3

    greetings <3


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