Sunday, June 17, 2012

Three day trip to London

Hey everyone~
How are you doing?

from Wednesday June 13 'till Friday June 15 I went to London!!
It's such an amazing city, I love it there.

I went because I want to go to a university there (SOAS, if anyone knows it) and there was an Open Day on Wednesday. It was soo awesome, and even though they'd been doubting it up 'till now because it's so expensive (school is free in Denmark), my parents are backing me up about going there 110% now. 

I can't waiitttttttt, I wanna move to London already. And a bonus is that there seems to be so many nice gyaru-interested girls and guys in England, so maybe I'll even be able to make friends with similar interests(・ェ・)

my parents went home on the same day, but my exchange student and I stayed at a small motel in Turnham Green until Friday. She said it was "a Christmas Room" because of the green bedlinen...

On Thursday during sightseeing,  we went to Leicester Square aka Chinatown, but had no real idea where it was, so while looking around, my exchange student suddenly goes

"Oh, M&M.
... world."

and then we both ran screaming into the store that we had no idea existed outside of the US.

Yeah, it was one of those "you should have been there"-moments.

but we found Chinatown and had lunch at a Korean/Japanese place that actually offered me a job there.
whyyy am I not done with school yet! cruel world!

 (Sightseeing and a highly uncharming picture of me being very excited about Big Ben...)

 This was one of my outfits, in case you're interested. And my face, as usual!(*。_。)

  Did a teeny-weeny bit of shopping, and lately floral print and me have become best buddies.

The shoes actually have heels in them, so I get nice legs wearing them so I'm reckoning people will just think my legs are naturally nice!
(・∀・ )
High five to self.

Okay.. well...
I'll be going to Japan in just a little over two weeks, so I'm busy working and trying to sell some old clothes. I cleaned up my closet last night, taking out all the stuff I never wear... basically, nothing is left now.
I'm ready for some serious shopping!!

Okay, well, take care everyone!


  1. the picture of trafalgar square made my heart melt.. :'C

    1. I know right '__' looking at my pics I just wanna go back asap too. let's go together sometime hurhur!!

  2. What a pretty outfit you wore! I am also loving how you did your make-up O.O! Adorable!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and THANK YOU for following me *( ^ u ^)* i really appreciate it!

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    I would appriciate if you follow me back ^^
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