Saturday, June 2, 2012

What makes you press the "follow" button?

Hi lovelies

I hope you're enjoying your saturday!
I am('-'*) It's 8pm and I'm still in my PJs! I slept until 12pm, watched a movie and been surfing the internet eversince the movie finished. What a couchpotato! I do plan on doing some work out later, though..

but before that, I want to ask you a question!
first, thank you for following my blog(^∇^)
I really want for it to be interesting and I'd especially like to write stuff that people would wanna comment on and interact with me, but what makes you follow a blogger? 

I know some answers might probably be stuff like shopping and social stuff like I see on the bigger posts, but because I'll be going to Japan next month, I have no money as of right now m(_ _)m I haven't had a proper social life for like... 3 years, actually, haha, but that's going to CHANGE♪

ps. my blog will get a make-over sometime during the summer! my bff from has been as adorable as to agree to make a design for my blog. isn't she a doll? go look at her blog and be jealous at her pretty face with me! 

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  1. I hit the follow button because we are the same age and blog about the same things/interests. I am really enjoying browsing through your pictures and travels ^^

    I just recently found your blog though! But I'm loving it already ^^



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