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[JAPAN 2012] Okinawa - pt 1

Hi guys!

I'm just reuploading this entry, 'cause it looked weird when I had the layout redone, and I didn't figure out how to fix it until I'd already deleted it(;_・)

Okay, so in this entry I'll talk about Okinawa! 

I will split Okinawa into two parts - this one being about what I actually did there, and another one just showing you guys how beautiful Okinawa really is.

Because dayum, that place is pretty. 


I could make a looong description of Okinawa, but in short, Okinawa is just pretty different from the rest of Japan.... (lol)


The reason I went to Okinawa was to visit Nacchan - the exchange student who stayed at my house most of last year - and her family.

I got to Naha, the biggest city on Okinawa, in the afternoon on a Thursday after spending approx 7 hours mostly sleeping in Narita Airport (not recommended, by the way. That airport lacks entertainment big time).

I was really nervous and didn't know how to speak to her mom, neither her grandparents whom I was introduced to later that day, so I was unusually quiet the first few days. Also, from day one on I was told what I was going to be told by almost everyone the following two weeks: 

"You're so big!" 
Yes, that's definitely going to help my self esteem.... 

As far as I'm concerned, the further south you get in Asian countries, the smaller the people are. I'm 169 cm tall. That's reasonable, right?

But I swear, everyone in Okinawa are tiny. haha.

But her grandparents were really sweet, and seeing as Nacchan had school and her mom had work, I was left on my own from 9am 'till around 6pm pretty much everyday.

So especially for the first few days, her grandparents took me out to eat. The very first day was "five granny get-together". Nacchans grandmother and her four siblings got together, went to a big mall for some shopping and then had lunch together.
Afterwards everyone kept being amazed that I had survived this outing with all old ladies, but I really enjoyed it.
They were all very nice and the food was so good.

I mean: 


Other than eating out with her grandparents (btw, I quickly learnt that "kame, kame" is Okinawan for "eat, eat" (usually it's "tabete") because wow, those people can make one eat sooooo much! I put on 4 kilos in liek... one week. No kidding.), I spent most of most days hanging around at home, looking at the area.

I concluded Okinawa is very sunny (no shit Sherlock), and people there wear the same amount of clothes as an eskimo. They are covered from tip to toe to avoid getting sunburnt, and it looks really.... interesting.

Went to Chiraumi, the biggest aquarium in Japan.

And some "Okinawa Land"-ish place with a lot of Okinawan culture-things, so we had our pics taken in traditional Okinawan kimonos x)

And ofc the beach ♥

And I think that's actually most of what I did while I was on Okinawa. Other than that, I spent time with Natsumi's family and had a sleepover with her cousins spending all night watching K-pop concerts (oh god, Changmin u so sexy) aaaand.. did a lot of sweating. OKINAWA IS REALLY HOT.

Next time I'll show you some pictures of the beautiful landscape :)

Take care!

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