Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I from now on swear by Sally Hansen [review]

Hello guys♥
So, the other day while shopping with my mom, she convinced me to buy this instant nail hardener from Sally Hansen. 

And I swear,

I am now forever indebted to my mother.

As it says on the picture, it's called "Diamond Strength" and claims to be able to stop nails from breaking, "virtually ends splitting, cracking and pealing".

I have always had my nails long, but usually I just managed to have 10 long nails for approximately a day or two, then one will almost definitely break off, followed by one or two more. That always leaves me with pretty funny looking nails, because my girly being cannot convince myself to cut the rest short as well. 

my mom always has had superlong and sturdy nails that I have very loudly envied. Hence it being her convincing me to buy the product.

When I first applied the hardener, my nails looked like this: 

Approximately a week or two later, my nails looked like this:

I hope you can see the difference, because I can, haha. And they have not even seemed to think about considering to break. I swear, my nails have gotten just as sturdy as my mother's! 

So now I feel absolutely naked without this hardener on my nails. 

I am about to cry from joy. Especially because my hands look ridicilously fat and uncharming with my nails short, haha, so actually my nails is a big part of me feeling confident and feminine, however stupid that may sound.

It's also very easy to apply and dries in less than a minute. Dipping the applier once into the bottle actually lets me apply a coat on almost all nails of one hand, so it seems to be something that also lasts long. 
Totally worth the 16 dollars I spent on it. 

 So just a heads up to you guys, if you like me want long nails but they keep breaking in the process, try out this hardener! 

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