Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three things

Hello to all of you!

SO, the weekend is approaching. How are you going to spend it?

I'll spend it doing homework. And cleaning my room. And possibly eating more of all the gross stuff I've been stuffing myself with lately. Yummy!
I need to figure out a way to quit. Anyone who knows a way to quit yummy stuff?
Thought so.

Speaking of yummy.

This face has a problem.

Yup, you got that right.

It's my face.

And no, even though I appreciate you wanting to point it out for me - what a generous being you are!  - it's not my face itself that has a problem (at least I hope not).

My problem is cravings.

We all have them from time to time, and now, because I am a generous person as well (oh my! we match!) I want to share some of my cravings with you!

1. ZERO CALORIE JELLY .:. ゼリーでゼロ

oh god. this.
It's just like... jelly ... 
but it's so good.

It comes in different flavors, all very sweet. I had it for breakfast a few times, and I swear, it's ridiculously good. I suffer from cravings for these very often, but they seem unobtainable outside of Japan. 
They come in versions that have and don't have calories, apparently, but the ones with no calories taste just as freakishly awesome as the ones with. This will forever be my really synthetic, dirty pleasure. 


This particular noms is from a restaurant that me and my bff visited in Shibuya. We went there twice and had this dish both times. It's like..... omurice, pasta, korokke (like cream-filled potato-thingies. They're good, okay?) and salad and some really good sauce-thing. 
OK, honestly, I don't really care what it is, I just want it, and I want it right now. 

Funny story about the restaurant (OK, maybe it's more... sad):
First time we went, there was a REALLY cute guy in there too, eating with his friend. He was sitting a few tables away from us, and when I strategically pretended to be checking my beautiful face in the mirror, I could spy on him over my friend's shoulder. He looked like an idol, and a hot one at that.

Yes, he totally knew we were spying on him.
But he was really good-looking, I swear.

We waited outside the restaurant for about an hour for him to come down after we left, because I regretted chickening out on talking to him. 
We're kind of desperate....

3. PARFAIT .:. パッフェ

As sad as it might make you, one can't buy parfaits in Denmark.
I know, it makes you want to cry.

It makes me want to cry after trying Japanese parfait.
Because dang, that thing is tasty.
I had a billion parfaits.
I blame my significant weight-gain while in Japan on this. 
But it was so worth it.

Right now when I'm having these cravings for food and things I can't have, I kind of just drown in my own self-pity. Anyone who recognizes this, or should I just shut up now?


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