Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hello guys!

Did you have a great week?

Mine was... uhm... different. Because of my foot I stayed home from school on Monday, and on Tuesday I ran around on crutches. It was very much not elegant and I swear, walking on crutches must be the no. 1 workout of the WORLD. Especially if your crutches actually don't fit your height, so you end up walking wrongly, lifting yourself off the ground way higher than you ought to.

What? Nooo, that didn't happen to me.
OK, maybe it did.

Anyway, miraculously my foot has bettered extremely quickly, and I was able to attend prom yesterday evening with no crutches and even in heels!

I LOVED my dress, hurhur, it was so pretty.
I'm sorry about the bad picture, buut that's the only one we got. Credits to my mom's fantastic photographic abilities...

Have you guys ever had prom at your school? If yes, what's it like in your country/your school??

Here we have dinner with everyone in class and their parents and boy-/girlfriends, whoever they invite, and then we dance Les Lanciers. It's an old formal dance, and it's really hard, haha, and all the girls are scared to death fearing they'll trip in their long dresses. Everybody dresses up like crazy haha!
Afterwards we all went to a Casino which... was a real waste of money. Casinos are meant to be in Vegas after all!

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