Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The future of this blog!


Oh wow. After I went on hiatus, I gained like 5 new followers.
Thank you!! ♪(・u・*) I'm so happy!

Maybe I should make it a habit to go on hiatus now and then??  (・ェ・) just kidding...

I still don't know what I want to do about blogging, because honestly, I lead a rather... uhm... boring life (for real, all I ever do is go to school, go to work, and excersize. I hardly ever do anything else!), and all the money I earn I save up for when I'll go to Japan this summer, so I can't even brag about all this awesome stuff that I'm obviously not buying. 

random outfit is random ♥ just to prevent wall of text, haha.

Okay, well, 
I'll let you in on what I'm thinking to do!♪
Now there's only 14 (!!) days left of school before the no-school-so-you-can-study-for-your-exams-wannabe-vacation starts (May 23 for you guys who wont be bothered to do the math lazy butts) and before then I'll  go to the last orientation with the exchange students in Denmark this year, and seeing as I got an Iphone 4 (I have to show you guys the cover I have on it, it's so ... SPARKLY) that is the ultimate tool for taking a crazy amount of pictures of oneself, I'll probably snap a few around there and think up something to write. I am addicted to Instagram after all, so I'd be surprised if I didn't photo something.

I'm planning on getting a total make-over while in Japan, and ofc I'll try to blog about my stay there if I can get my hands on a PC (or more importantly, internet connection!) while I'm there, so I hope you'd like to read it♥ 
If there's anything specific you'd like to see pictures from or you'd like for me to write about while I'm there, feel free to tell me! (I'm horrible at thinking of things to write myself!) I'll be going to Tokyo, Okinawa and Osaka and possibly Nagoya or Kyoto as well, so I'll even be able to tell you guys of other places than Tokyo, where I have a feeling most people usually go! 
(I'll also be staying with Japanese families for most of the time, so maybe I'll be able to show you a different side of the Japan than you read elsewhere (・ω・`) or at least I hope so!)

I'm so exciteeeedddd.   ♡\(・∀・*)

... I'm scared I'm making ambitious promises here.
But I feel like if people do me the great favor of actually showing enough interest in this basically blank blog and follow me, I should at least.... well, blog.

So, that's about it!
I hope you'll continue to follow me and don't hesitate to let me know what you think of the stuff I'm writing (I'd also like to know if you're bored to death. Especially why you'd read this far if that's the case! (-ω- )o) and help me create an interesting blog!

 well.... so long lovelies

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