Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm still aliiiive!!

Hi guys!

How's it going?

I'm great. Still enjoying my time here, despite two-faced Japanese people who obviously needs some hobbies.
More about that later.

 It might be included in a post I'm thinking of making. "Sayapinky's guide to living really cheap in Tokyo (for girls)". It's gonna be just as ridiculous as it sounds, yes.

Anyhow, sorry for not following up on my host-adventures or anything, but currently I have pretty limited access to internet. I got to Okinawa last Wednesday and have been hanging out with people most of the time ever since. That includes my friend's grandma, who's a tiny, very old woman with a lot of energy. She also speaks Okinawa-dialect, which sometimes sounds pretty funny and I understand absolutely nothing.

But, as of right now, I have limited access to internet (not to mention time to be online), and am not able to transfer pictures from my phone to the computer, so I can't really show you guys anything interesting. I don't know when I'll be able to, but maybe my adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun won't be documented until I'm home in another three weeks (gasp!).

But well... Before I left Tokyo, I got to take some pictures of the nails I had done there. So. Here you are. Nails:

Aren't they cute? I wanted them glittery and not over-the-top, 'cause I am extremely dependent on the use of my hands. And the use of my hands means I will never have super-long nails. I wouldn't know how to go the restroom if I had some anyway....

Well.... That's all I really have to write here.
PS. I'm really hungry, but I gained fricking 4 kilos the past 3 weeks. It's crazy!! Can't believe I still fit my clothes..... wth.


  1. Just discovered yr blog today, i enjoy reading it!! you are so pretty;) i am looking forward to your new blog post:):)

  2. I would love to see your guide to living cheap in Tokyo! I would definitely need to know how XD haha

    What's Okinawa like? I always wanted to know :3


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