Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[JAPAN 2012] ただいま、東京!・Tokyo, I'm home!

Hi guys! (^∇^)
Long time no see!

I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a while, but I've been really busy the past week after I finally felt Japanese ground under my feet again!

I'm currently staying at a hotel in Ikebukuro with a friend, and we had the longest flight ever. We left home the night before our flight departed, 'cause we were afraid we wouldn't make it if we took the morning train. Ergo, we spent almost 10 hours in the airport, then 3 hours to Vienna, then 10,5 hours to Narita. And the flight to Narita was ... so... fricking.... long.
 I kept falling asleep and then waking up only to realize I'd been sleeping for like 30 minutes and we were still crossing Russia.

Russia, y u so big??

But but but but...

we finally landed.

Tokyo, I'm home!!

I actually ended up weeping like a little baby as soon as we landed, 'cause it's just been so long and I missed it so much here. I really feel like I'm back home.

The first day we were obviously super tired after not having slept properly for what must've been almost 48 hours, so when we got to Ikebukuro and checked in at our hotel (Kimi Ryokan, it's really recommendable!) around noon, we decided to just spend the day in Ikebukuro and check out the neightbourhood.

Of course that included introducing my friend to some Japanese food( ̄ー ̄)
So we went for Okonomiyaki in Sunshine City, a pretty big shopping mall in Ikebukuro, and the waitress there apparently really liked us, 'cause we got free ice cream for dessert.
It was so good, I tell you.
My friend also said about it what she's said about almost everything she's tasted ever since

"this is a hit."

and that's basically how it's been ever since.

I have looooads more to tell, but I'm going to split it up into seperate posts.
But I can tell you that we've been shopping a lot, and we've been spending the evenings cheering for the hosts in Ikebukuro (this will include a really funny story!), and we've been treated to bowling and sushi by a group of rather suspicious looking guys who turned out to be the sweetest people ever.

So... stay tuned (:


  1. Aaah so exciting you're in Japan again!! Looking forward to hearing MOOOORE!!! 楽しみ!!がんばってね!



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